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Along with the study process at interdisciplinary Master's programs, CSS organizes series of public lectures in the field of Gender, Transition Studies, Politics and International Relations. The center also holds intensive seminars in Research Methods for students and Faculty of social sciences and makes presentations of particular research projects. 

Public Lectures Series in Spring 2011:

Prof. Neil MacFarlane: "Alliance and Alignment in Central Asia and the Caucasus since 1991", 25.10.2011

Public Lectures Series in Spring 2011:

Dr. Luca Zarrilli: "Tourism and Nation in the Kingdom of Shouting Stones", 27.06.2011

Prof. Stephen Jones: "The Quality of Democracy in Georgia", 07.06.2011

Round Table: Chairman - Prof. Neil MacFarlane; Speakers - George Khelashvili, Archil Gegeshidze, Alexandre Kukhianidze: "Osama is Dead: So What?", 24.05.2011

Prof. Neil MacFarlane: "Energy Politics in the Caspian Basin", 17.05.2011

Dr. Andrea Petto: "Problematising Transitional Justice after WWII", 10.05.2011

Prof. Marine Chitashvili: "What is Left from Freud in 21st Century", 03.05.2011

Dmytro Khutkyy: "Ethnonational Identities of Ukrainian Population: Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions", 28.04.2011

Volodymyr Ishchenko: "Protests, concessions, and repressions in Ukraine", 27.04.2011

Dr. Olena Bogdanova: "Religious Transformations in Ukraine and What They Might Imply for Our Future", 26.04.2011

Round Table: Chairman - Prof. Neil MacFarlane; speakers - Alex Rondeli, George Khelashvili: "Crisis in Lybia ", 19.04.2011

Prof. Neil MacFarlane: "The Concept of Great Power in International Relations", 12.04.2011

Prof. Nino Javakhishvili: "Japanese Students Feel Closer to Western Europeans and Americans, than to Asians (Social Distances of Japanese Students to Ethnic and Religious Groups)", 29.03.2011

Dr. Timothy Blauvelt: "Nationality Policy in Soviet Abkhazia: 1921-38", 22.03.2011

Jeremy Johnson: "New Women Reading Aloud: The Campaigns to Eradicate Illiteracy in the South Caucasus, 1922-36."", 01.03.2011

Public Lectures Series in fall 2010:

Prof. Roland Dannreuther: "Russia and the North Caucasus: the Dynamics of Islamic Radicalization", 16.11.2010

Petra Andits: "Central European Migrants in Australia", 11.11.2010

Prof. Neil MacFarlane: "UN and Global Security", 09.11.2010

Prof. Holger Magel: "Fulfilling the MDG: About the Need for Strengthening Rural Areas and Rural Development", 02.11.2010

Prof. Ronald G. Suny: "Young Stalin: Making of a Revolutionary", 28.10.2010

Sabine Boettcher: "National Identity and Political Interest", 26.10.2010

Dr. Ana Gil-Garcia: "Educational Leadership in Times of Crisis", 22.10.2010

Prof. Giorgi Gogsadze: "Political Geography - Historical Retrospective and Contemporary Approach", 19.10.2010

Dr. David Aprasidze, "From Delayed Transformation to Delayed Conflict: Why have Georgian Conflicts Melted Away", 12.10.2010

Prof. Zurab Davitashvili: "Georgian Nationalism in Soviet Era", 05.10.2010

Public Lectures Series in spring 2010:

Michael Berman: "Soul Retrieval via Internet: Keti Back from the Land of the Dead Soul Loss", 15.06.2010

Dr. Tamar Tsopurashvili: "How to Speak about God: Socio-Semantic Aspects of Medieval Theology", 08.06.2010

Dr. Alexander Rondeli: "About Studying Small Countries", 01.06.2010

Dr. Olga Medvedkov: "Moscow Fragmented: changing urban landscape", 25.05.2010

Dr. Luca Zarrilli, "Between the Seacoast and Highland: Abruzzo Region in Context of Italian Tourism", 24.05.2010

Professor Stephen Jones, Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies, Mount Hollyoke Collage, USA: Lecture "Reflections on Rose Revolution", 18.05.2010 

Professor Neil MacFarlane, Department of in International Relations and Politics, University of Oxford, UK: Series of lectures: 1. Russia and European Security, 11.05.2010;  2. The problem of intervention in international relations, 13.05.2010; 3. Thinking about security in the Southern Caucasus, 14.05.2010

Dr. Nestan Chkhikvadze: "Medieval Manuscripts and Georgian Society", 04.05.2010

Dr. Oliver Reisner: At the Beginnings of Georgian National Historiography: Ivane Javakhishvili's "Kartveli Eris Istoria" (History of Georgian Nation), 27.04.2010

Presentation of the CSS project: "Psychological Support to IDPs Children and Youth", 20.04.2010 

Professor Revaz Gachechiladze, Head of International Organizations Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia: Lecture "Two Independence of Georgia in the XX Century", 13.04.2010

Professor Joseph Salukvadze: Presentation of a book "City Culture and City Planning in Tbilisi - Where Europe and Asia Meet", 06.04.2010

Public Lectures Series in 2007-2008:

Dr. Lorne Campbell, Social Psychology Professor from Western Ontario University, Canada: Seminar on Teaching Research Methods for Students in Psychology and other Social Sciences", 26.06.2008

Professor Joanna Regulska, Head of Women and Gender Studies Department, Rutgers University of New-Jersey, USA: Presentation of the Rsearch Project on IDPs in Georgia - "Where is Home? Exile and Displacement of the IDPs in Georgia", 13.06.2008

Professor Stephen Jones, Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies, Mount Hollyoke Collage, USA: Lecture "the Rose Revolution and the Politics of Non-violence", 08.06.2008

Professor Eva Paus, Mount Hollyoke Collage, USA: Lecture "Can Foreign Investment Drive development in the 21st Century?", 06.06.2008

Professor Neil MacFarlane, Department of in International Relations and Politics, University of Oxford, UK: Series of lectures: 1)The Evolving Meaning of Security”, 22.05.2008; 2)The International Relations of the Caucasus”, 23.05.2008; 3)The Evolving Nature of Russian Foreign Policy”, 28.05.2008

Professor Francisca de Haan, Department of Gender Studies, Central European University, Hungary: Lecture ”Can Foreign Investment Drive development in the 21st Century?”, 06.06.2008

Professor Richard Rose, Director of the Center for the Study of Public Policy and Professor of Politics at the University of Aberdeen, UK: Lecture ”Counting Peop.e Helps Make People Count”, 16.04.2008

Professor George Gogsadze and Proffesor Joseph Salukvadze: Presentation of Research of Main Regional Characteristics of Elctoral Behavior in 2008 Presidential Elections, 25.03.2008

Public Lectures Series in 2007:

Dr. Marine Tabukashvili, Director of NGO “TASO”: Lecture "Women’s Oral Histories in Georgia", 04.04.2007

Dr. Teo Khatiashvili, University of Theatre and Cinema: Lecture "Cinema through Feminism Lenses", 12.04.2007

Dr. Nino Tsikhistavi, Chaiperson of the Caucasus Women’s Network, Expert in Gender Equality: Lecture "Family Violance in Georgia", 19.04.2007

Dr. Lela Gaprindashvili, Chair, Women’s Initiative for Equality: Lecture "Women in the XIX Century Georgia", 26.04.2007

Dr. Nana Sumbadze, Institute for Policy Studies: Lecture "Conditions of disabled women and their life quality in Georgia", 03.05.2007

Dr. Khatuna Sanikidze, Women for Future: Lecture "Real Situation and Women’s Conditions in Georgia", 17.05.2007

Dr. Levan Gigineishvili: Lecture "Stalinian Repressions and Oral Histories of Repressed Families", 10.05.2007

Dr. Charita Jashi, Gender for Socio-Economic Development: Lecture "Gender Economy", 24.05.2007

Dr. Vladimer Papava, Senior Fellow at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies: Lecture "Necroeconomics", April, 2007

Dr. Kakhaber Gogolashvili, Director of EU Studies at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, Georgian Director of GEPLAC: Lecture "Russia, NATO and Georgia", 21.05.2007.

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