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Development of Social Sciences at TSU

In 2004-2007 main project of CSS Developing new Master programs in Social Sciences at Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University was implemented by support of international Higher Education Support Program of Open Society Institute . CSS activities since January 2004 have encompassed the following fields:

• Reforming Master’s-level education at TSU;

• More integrated approach to teaching and researching Social Sciences at TSU;

• Curriculum development;

• Implementation of ECTS;

• Quality assurance and new assessment procedures;

• Improving teaching methodology;

• Introducing a PhD concept paper;

• Improvement of administration and management.

Major Outcomes and Achievements of TSU – CSS Cooperation on Rebuilding TSU as International Research University are listed below in separate downloadable files:

Implementation of European Credits Transfer System (ECTS)

Introduction of innovative methodologies of teaching and students’ evaluation

Creation of Quality Assurance Unit

Elaboration of PhD programs’ Concept Paper and creation the model of integration of teaching and research

Trainings, Workshops and Summer Schools for University administration and Faculty members

Provision of institutional sustainability at the Faculty of Social and Political Studies at TSU through human resources development; Integration of teaching and research in the new academic programs; Trainings in administration and management

New interdisciplinary Master programs in Social Sciences (MSocSc): Society and Politics (2003-2004), Society and Modernization; Politics of Social Changes; South Caucasus in Transition (2004-2005); Gender Studies (2005-2007)

English-language Cross-regional Master program in Transformation in the South Caucasus (2005-2008)

Provision of international quality assurance for program accreditation in Social Sciences through developing the peer-reviewed courses involving internationally recognized scholars

Development Academic Writing and introducing the range of courses at all steps of higher education

Development of research methods’ module

Promotion of PhD programs development: International conferences on PhD program in the framework of Bologna Process and elaboration of strategy and action plan for implementation of PhD programs in Social Sciences and rebuilding the research University

Development of educational and research resources in Social Sciences: Library, Computer class with free internet and access to electronic networks of on-line resources, mini publishing house

Development and publication of educational materials such as extended syllabuses of new Master courses and seminars, readers, Georgian translations of academic titles and academic writing handbooks

Promotion of mutual exchange within the academia as well as for society in general by international academic networks through inviting foreign guest professors and arranging public lectures and seminars

In 2008 CSS started implementation of series of workshops: Teaching the Research Methods and Academic Writing at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Tbilisi State University: State of Art, Challenges and Further Development. Summarizing workshop was held in July 25-27 2008 CSS in Bazaleti complex and the participants were the members of CSS academic staff (from TSC and Gender Master's programs) as well as representatives of TSU Quality Assurance Office and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

Summary document of CSS workshop

 Teaching the Research Methods and Academic Writing at the Faculty of Social and Political Studies at Tbilisi State University: State of Art, Challenges and Further Development

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